motorised curtains in Dubai

Choosing curtains for your home is an important decision; not only does it affect the way you'll decorate, but also how your furniture will look. It's best to match wingback chairs with curtains in the same colour and take into account what type of decoration you're planning to do on other parts of the room. The following pro tips from Curtains Abudhabi can make your online curtain shopping process, a hassle-free experience.

Placement and Perspective of your Curtain Hanging

When you are choosing curtains, height is important. If you want to make your room seem taller, put the curtains higher up on your curtain rod or hanging panel. You should measure from where they fall and where you want them to hang. Some designers suggest about 6 inches above the window frame if it's for a dramatic look in order to not weigh down the windows while measuring them out too short! You have decided if this traditional ground-level look is what will work best for your needs or does something that hangs 2-3 inches below suit even better? The modern designs show no curtain bunching but also don't leave any room between the carpet line and the bottom of each fabric strip.

Block out any Creeping Light

You should be sure to arrange your curtains in winter so they block out light creeping into the room. In the summer, you can help block out too much sunlight by finding a few inches on either side of a window.

Which Is Better, Custom Made or Off-The-Shelf Curtains?

Making your own curtains may have many benefits. You can choose the specific dimensions of your window, as well as any fabric or design you prefer. There are also various options for you to go with when it comes to material and colour - but this will come at a price! The difference between custom-made and off-the-shelf curtains is huge, however, so if you want something impressive for visitors, these might be the way to go.

Make Sure it’s Friendly to Wash

If you buy custom curtains, it's easy to budget for the cost of dry cleaning. You can ruin your high-quality machine washable curtains by washing them or ironing them and they will never hang the same again. If you want to clean them with your washing machine, make sure it says on the packaging that its ok before doing so because otherwise, there are other ways.


If you are going for custom-made, the online or in-home consultation is your choice, the ideal destination is the Curtains Abudhabi. If you contact your curtain maker online, then all the details will be gathered from you. In-home designer firms should move into your home design and analyze the location and requirements correctly. They can select colours, textures, and finishes with confidence to create the most comfortable curtains you’ve ever owned!