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Welcome to Easy Blinds. We are an established manufacturer and installers of blinds and curtains in Dubai.

We have our workshop in International city,and bring all of our samples to your home or office.

We only hire experienced tailors and fitters, and by always doing are own work, we always

guarantee a high level of service and professionalism.


No subcontractors, No excuses!


Our unique selling point is our lead time. We are the only blinds provider

who can install within 48 hours from your order (excluding Roman blinds

and curtains). We know that the sun’s rays are consistent in the desert, so

that’s why our promise to you is to install your blinds quicker than any

other company in Dubai.









  • Unique and creative solutions that meet our clients’ expectations, not just through our manufacturing of products but with our communication and after sales service.
  • Continuously improving our ranges, knowledge and staying abreast of new technology entering the market.
  • Treating each client as an individual experience from start to finish. We realize that no two clients are ever the same and we start every new project knowing that.
  • We have a compact and highly experienced fitting team who have been with the company for a long time. We’re like a family, and like to treat our clients the same. With Sam leading the communication and initial consultation, and a team of friendly, English speaking fitters to install your curtains and blinds, we guarantee an easy experience which is unrivaled in Dubai.
  • On the rare occasion that there is a problem with the production or installation of our blinds, we deal with these issues immediately, there is no procrastinating or trying to shift blame. Phone us with any issues and we’ll be there within 24 hours to come and make sure everything is fixed to your satisfaction.
  • We work on trust with our clients and our confidence in our great work. Any job under 5000 AED won’t require any upfront payment. Once we have fitted and you are 100% pleased with the work, then we can arrange payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer.
  • We’re  open 9am-8pm, 7 days a week for appointments. Company owner Sam Matthews is always available for a call at anytime you desire so feel free to give him a ring and discuss your new stylish home improvements.






  1. Free home/ office visits to show samples and offer quotation
  2. Educating the customer on what types of blinds or curtains would work best for their space

           (ceiling strength, recesses and odd angles etc)

  1. 48-hour promise (excluding roman blinds and curtains)
  2. 72-hour promise for curtains and romans (orders under 50 sqm)
  3. Custom made blinds, curtains and soft furnishings.
  4. 1 year guarantee on all jobs.
  5. 5 year guarantee on all motors and electric supplies
  6. Rehanging service
  7. Routine maintenance of cords, rails, hooks etc.
  8. Alteration of existing curtains
  9. Wallpaper
  10. Unrivalled customer service from start to finish


Although we have our showroom in International City, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to order blinds and curtains from Easy Blinds.

You can find our full range of services and the types of blinds and curtains we offer online at and .

With one quick phonecall, one of our friendly English speaking customer service team will come over to your home at a time that suits you to consult you and let you browse our huge catalogue of samples.

For more assurances or to see some examples of our work, head over to our Facebook page where we regularly post photos of our most recent work. You’ll also find online:


We have 5* ratings on Google Business

Many positive testimonials on our sites

600 likes on our Facebook page

3900 followers on our Twitter page


We respond to every email within 30 minutes if received during business hours.

Here at Easy Blind’s we’ve always believed that the success of any company is based on how respected the company is in the community. Social and corporate responsibility has always been at the heart of everything we do.

Although the owner of Easy Blinds is English and many of the business practices Easy Blinds has adopted are more European than UAE in composite, we still ensure every decision we make is considerate towards the local market and population.

In our knowledge we are the first blinds and curtain company to offer a recycling facility. We will buy second hand blinds and curtains from old customers who no longer have a need for them due to relocation or upgrading.

If the material is used to be resold as second hand, we can still use the rails and cords and offer these at a huge discount. This allows some customers who wouldn’t have been able to afford these items brand new , to now own expensive custom made curtains and blinds for a fraction of the cost. At the same time reusing these items saves waste and pollution from production.











Dubai can be rather slow at times, people say one thing but do another. Two days becomes two weeks, and things never get done in the timeframe you need them. Sam was himself a client, frustrated by the way some companies were run in the region.

He knew he could do a much better job, and with 15 years business experience behind him which he built up in the UK, he set about trying to create a company which was created for the expat community and designed to truly meet their needs.

No two windows are the same, and customising both the windows and the experience is the only way to get a satisfying result to your home improvements. There are some very cheap companies in Dubai

which are suitable for workers’ accommodation or similar levels and there are some very expensive companies who cater for the high end local market, find the company that draws the fine line in between is the difficult part in the UAE.

Sam knows, as an expat, that people expect excellent quality at a fair price and above all exceptional

customer service.

To make sure each job we do is of the highest standard, Sam made sure that certain principals were always adhered to with our expert fitting team:

  • Always be honest.

  • If you make a mistake admit it and learn from it

  • Never hide from calls or emails

  • The customer is always right and we will do anything to placate and make a situation right if we have made any errors.

  • Be professional, approachable and courteous at all times.

Above all Sam has created a team that enjoy their working environment and believes that this

shows through their work, professionalism and above all, smiles.




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