abu shabi curtains

No matter how many years of experience you have hanging curtains in Abu Dhabi, there are still many parts of the process that are tricky unless you hire a professional. One of the most common questions that many residents ask is how and where they should mount their Abu Dhabi curtains in relation to their window. Generally, it looks best if you hang the curtain brackets on the wall above and outside the moulding of your window. If you have detailed window frames that you are hesitant about covering, an inside mount where the curtain hangs within the frame like a tension rod will work better. These are the main hanging tricks used by many experts hanging curtains in Abu Dhabi. You can either pick one method or try a variation to see what works best. 

Above the Frame

Hanging your Abu Dhabi curtains above the window frame will create an illusion of a much taller window, especially if you mount the rod up to four or six inches above the frame. This can also be achieved by hanging halfway between the ceiling moulding and window frame. However, you should not go above eight inches because then the frame might look very strange. You can also mount a track on the ceiling to lengthen the windows, and then adjust the measurements to order the extra fabric required. 

Wider Than the Frame

Elongating the rod up to six inches beyond the frame on either side can make your windows feel grand and alluring. This allows extra natural light to instantly cascade across the room when the Abu Dhabi curtains are open or closed because the fabric hangs against the wall without blocking any part of the glass. To reveal any pretty moulding, you should leave as much as twelve inches on each side and then adjust your width measurements to get this sensational look. 

The top hem of your Abu Dhabi curtains is also known as the heading. This can define the overall appearance you want, such as formal, casual, sleek, feminine, etc. Headings play a vital role when it comes to both appearance and functionality. The basic heading with hooks is a traditional flat design that attaches to your curtain rod through rings stitched into the top hem. Alternatively, you can also go for a rod-pocket heading where a channel along the top carries the rod to create a gathered effect to stay put so that you can avoid shimmying the fabric back and forth. If you prefer pleated headings, there are many styles from narrow pencil to wide and flat box pleats to choose from. These are very structured, and the panels appear more formal than other kinds if you want a sophisticated look. Finally, ask your supplier for curtains in Abu Dhabi about tab-top headings and how you can hang flat loops on the rod to relax sheers and stiff fabrics.

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