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Have you ever been in a situation where you drew your curtains in Abu Dhabi to watch a movie with loved ones, and the entire rod slid off, pulling the drapes down with it? Even if this has never happened before, it is no secret that curtain rods are prone to come crashing down if they are not the right size. Instead of having fun watching Moana with the kids, you might have to reach for a step ladder to fix this problem as the popcorn gets cold. Curtain rods are exceptionally functional and stylish, but only if they secure your Abu Dhabi curtains well. Otherwise, they can be a pain when they suddenly slide out of place. Find out why this happens and how to ensure that your rod will never let you down again. 

 There are several reasons why your curtains in Abu Dhabi keep sliding. Your rod might be too short or too long to hold up your drapes. If your rod brackets are also too wide or narrow, the rod will not be supported effectively enough. To keep the rod for your Abu Dhabi curtains from sliding, you can try extending the rod by an inch or two past the brackets on each side. This should add a small space between the finial and bracket. Then mount the outer ring clip of each panel in that space created by you, and you can use the rod bracket as an anchor to hold this ring. You might also need to strengthen the rod to avoid it collapsing or drooping due to the weight of your Abu Dhabi curtains. This is essential if you have wide windows and thick fabrics for your drapes. 

Even if your rod is the perfect length for your windows, your road brackets at the end might need to be fixed slightly to prevent it from sliding. Finally, you should always check behind the curtain rod brackets in case any of the screws need to be tightened. If these screws are loose, then your rod will not be secured in place correctly. Most problems occur because the rod for your curtains in Abu Dhabi might not be the right size. In this case, custom order your rods and drapes from a reputable supplier. This way, they can take care of all the measurements and installation process while you kick back and relax, never having to worry about your curtain rod randomly taking you by surprise with another slide or fall.

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