curtains abu dhabi

Curtains in Abu Dhabi offer the most practical and stylish benefits for every home. When you are moving into a new villa in Jumeirah or a high-rise with stunning skyline Dubai Marina views, you might consider purchasing a new set of Abu Dhabi curtains to express your personal style, along with providing comfort and privacy. Buying and hanging new drapes can be a very exciting experience, and you will need to think about privacy, fabrics, style, and lighting. For example, Abu Dhabi has an abundance of natural light, which can feel too hot during summer, and you might need to consider thicker curtains in Abu Dhabi to have uninterrupted afternoon naps. The fabrics you choose will affect how well your curtains last, and you may need to avoid bright colours because they fade when exposed to the harsh UAE sunlight. Here are the most popular drapes that everybody wants to get their hands on because of their functionality and aesthetic appeal. 


Polyester curtains in Abu Dhabi are the most sought after because they are exceptionally low-maintenance and work best in living rooms or bedrooms. However, you should keep in mind that this is a flammable material and absorbs any odours that linger in places. It is best to avoid hanging polyester Abu Dhabi curtains in kitchens or bathrooms. Polyester is inexpensive, durable, and very easy to wash because it resists shrinking and wrinkling. 


Cotton suits both modern or traditional decorating styles, and it drapes very well because it always feels so crisp and clean. Cotton Abu Dhabi curtains are very durable and absorbent, but they shrink in the wash. Always be careful with these drapes and read supplier’s instructions before giving them a deep clean. Avoid hanging these in moist areas like bathrooms and kitchens so that you do not get mould growing on them and avoid bright cotton colours that fade quickly in the sun. 


If you want bedrooms or dining rooms to feel formal and romantic, silk curtains in Abu Dhabi do the best job. They drape down effortlessly and look very elegant in places with tons of natural sunlight. However, washing silk Abu Dhabi curtains may be time-consuming and slightly more expensive since they can only be dry-cleaned. 


This sheer fabric is a top favourite when it comes to choosing curtains in Abu Dhabi because they provide an open and airy feeling throughout the home. Lace is the most lightweight fabric that adds a touch of romance in a traditional dining room, or when placed over French doors. The most popular colours to go for are neutral shades, such as ivory or plain white. Lace can diffuse natural light exceptionally well and easily coordinates with any colour scheme, but you might need blackout Abu Dhabi curtains for home cinemas and bedrooms where you do not want any light.

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