Gold Leaf Finish for Your Curtain Poles

Poles for curtains in Abu Dhabi and finials are available in every finish you can think of, but the traditional gold leaf satisfies like no other. These gilded poles are a perfect match for both contemporary and traditional interiors. They are the most eclectic mix of smart and uplifting designs and have been a favourite choice by British decorators since the 19th century. After all, who wouldn’t love these opulent gold finishes that provide the perfect touch of glamour?

What Is A Gold Leaf Finish?

Gold leaf poles for your Abu Dhabi curtains are gold that has been beaten into thin sheets using a process known as gold beating. This elegant material is then used for gilding to decorate lots of objects, such as curtain poles and finials, photo frames, buildings, and furniture for thousands of years. When exposed to sunlight, gold leaf can be a very bright material that glistens. You can use gold leaf on anything. Some people also shave gold leaf onto their food and eat it. It is a fragile material, measuring only 0.5 microns in thickness. To get a better idea, a strand of our hair is around 60 microns thick. If you held a sheet of the gold leaf up to the light, you might see right through it because it is remarkably thin. Your supplier for curtains in Abu Dhabi should be very gentle with gold leaf. It is flimsy and should be handled delicately to avoid causing damage. 

Gold Leaf Shades and Carats

If you have decided on a golf leaf finish for the rod to hang your Abu Dhabi curtains, you can find different carats and shades of this gold. The purest form is usually 24 carats at 99.9% gold that will not oxidize or tarnish over time to make your curtain rods looking dreary from wear and tear. This gold leaf is the most yellowish in colour, whereas a 22-carat gold leaf finish is known as moon gold, and it is mixed with palladium. This 92% of gold leaf is used best for photo frames and curtain rods. White gold finish, which is usually 12 carats of gold and contains only 50%, is mostly silver with a shiny golden glimmer. This gives the rod its white appearance, or red if you go for a rose gold finish, which has a similar composition as white gold. Aside from pure 24-carat gold, you might need to be careful about your curtain rod being exposed to harsh sunlight, that can tarnish the outer material and decolorize it over time.

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