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Many interior decorators will tell you that curtains are essential to complete every room. There are several choices of curtains in Abu Dhabi so that you can always pick the right one. You can buy them in different colours, fabrics, lengths, and even select custom-made or off-the-shelf
ones. To make sure that you invest in the right curtains to uplift your home, here are eight main things to consider before spending.

Fabrics and Colours
When you are buying new Abu Dhabi curtains, choosing the right materials is necessary to determine how well your curtains will survive over time. If they are too heavy, you might not be able to fold adequately when you draw them shut. Curtains with extremely light fabrics might
not fall correctly, so you should always find a middle ground. When you are selecting curtain fabrics, you should pleat them like an accordion from the top, allowing them to drape naturally.
If you notice that they are flaring, then they will not fall gently on your windows. Test out a large sample of up to two yards, since smaller pieces will not show you the exact drape of the fabric. Abu Dhabi is a very sunny city throughout the year, and your fabrics might also fade from excess light. You should avoid picking too the brightest colours because they fade a lot
sooner than darker ones.

Lengths and Widths
When measuring your windows before buying curtains, you should think about how high above you want them to hang from. If you hang panels higher than the windows, it will add a lot more height to your room. Try hanging them at least six inches above your window frame. This will
give it a dramatic look, especially if you go even higher. You should measure from the top of your window, adding inches of height where the new curtains will hang from until you reach
the floor. Then you should add another couple of inches more to your measurement. Then you should measure the width of the same window and add up to eight inches on both sides. Then double this number to get more fullness for your curtains. That way, you will not block too much of the window’s glass when you leave the curtains open, as they will not get in the way. When you want the curtains shut completely, the extra inches you added to the perimeter around the frame will ensure that sunlight does not creep through from any uncovered corners.

Custom-Made or Off-The-Shelf
Buying custom-made curtains from a reputable supplier might be more costly, but you get a lot more value for money. You can customize your curtains to fit any window size accurately. These would look like a perfect tailor-made suit for your exact measurements so that there is no loose
or insufficient fabric. You will also have a wide variety of materials to choose from by ordering from a supplier with endless design and pattern options for your every need. If you let your supplier know that you need soundproof blackout curtains, they can custom make and deliver

them for you as these are often unavailable in most stores. It is also worth spending more on high-quality window treatments because the price includes installation costs as well. You will never have to go through the hassle of hanging curtains on your own, especially if you are unsure about which rods and hooks to buy that will hold all its weight correctly.

Dry Clean or Washing Machine Friendly
It might be cheaper to buy curtain fabrics that you can wash in a machine at home. However, if your curtains are too long for large bay or floor-to-ceiling windows, you might not be able to fit them in a regular machine at home. These curtains will also be challenging to dry because you will need to find enough space to hang them flat on the balcony. Dry cleaning is a more practical option, but it does cost a lot of money. If you regularly vacuum all the dust and brush the lint off your curtains at home, then you will not need to spend much on dry cleaning.

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