motorised curtains in Dubai

Every parent in the UAE knows how challenging it is to get kids to sleep on time. Children who do not get a decent afternoon nap may be cranky and fussy throughout the day, and they might keep you up at night. Aside from blocking out every bit of light, blackout curtains in Abu Dhabi can also keep the temperature of your room cool during the day, which is a blessing for summer months. Your child can sleep peacefully without having to wake up covered in sweat. It is also necessary to keep in mind that blackout curtains in Abu Dhabi do not have to be black in colour. You can choose different patterns and colours that will enhance your interior décor. Here is what you need to know to get the best blackout Abu Dhabi curtains. 

How to Get the Best Blackout Abu Dhabi Curtains?

When looking for the best blackout curtains in Abu Dhabi to help your child get the best afternoon naps, it is important to know the different styles available in the market and how they differ. Then you can get the best features to complement your home. There are four header styles for curtains in Abu Dhabi. These are grommet, rod pocket, tab top, and pinch pleats. Grommet headers for your Abu Dhabi curtains are installed by looping the fabric around metal rings. Tab top Abu Dhabi curtains use loops to hang off your rod. Rod pocket curtains have a slit to slip them on easily during installation, and pinch pleats Abu Dhabi curtains are pinched at the top to create an elegant pleated appearance. 

Which Are the Best Blackout Curtains in Abu Dhabi?

For best performance with the correct installation, it is essential to pick the right blackout lining for your curtains in Abu Dhabi. For maximum efficiency, mount your shades or Abu Dhabi blinds to the outside moulding of your window and then add draperies on the side to prevent any light from seeping through the gaps on the sides. Then check the label for these linings when you go shopping for your next set of drapes. 

Blackout-lined curtains in Abu Dhabi use a heavy and dense polyester to make the drapery appear stiff while achieving complete blackout for your child’s afternoon nap. Foam-blacked lining can keep the soft folds of the Abu Dhabi curtains but does not offer full blackout. Thermal-lined blackout curtains are exceptional because of their heat-trapping features that always comes in handy during summer when you do not want the inside to be hotter than the sun. Finally, privacy-lined blackout Abu Dhabi curtains are a combination of cotton weave and polyester to make the most of the soft design and light filtering effectiveness. 

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