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Eco-Friendly Curtains

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Curtains in Abu Dhabi

Drapes and curtains come in many types, but the organic ones are gaining popularity in recent times. Organic Abu Dhabi curtains are usually made from hundred-percent natural fibres, such as wool, bamboo, jute, and cotton. These are naturally grown, which makes them a recyclable and environmentally friendly choice. Installing these window treatments over others goes a long way when it comes to preserving and encouraging environmental sustainability while promoting a…

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curtains abudhabi

Ways to Make Your Curtains Smell Nice

If you have Abu Dhabi curtains for many years, you might have struggled to deal with a lingering smell that overpowers your home. This might have pushed you to get those curtains washed professionally. But it is such a hassle to keep taking curtains down and paying money to have them cleaned. Most people avoid doing cleaning their curtains for a very long time because it is time-consuming. However, here…

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Vertical Blinds | A Timeless Choice.

Made to measure vertical blinds have been around for years, with venetian blinds being one of the first to show up. However, through new design trends and fads, vertical blinds always come back to being a firm favourite. It’s easy to see why vertical blinds are so popular. Their versatility and ease of use are attractive traits of this style. Add to that the value for money, these classic blinds…

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