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motorised curtains in Dubai

How to Choose the Best Blackout Curtains in Abu Dhabi If Your Child Needs Afternoon Naps?

Every parent in the UAE knows how challenging it is to get kids to sleep on time. Children who do not get a decent afternoon nap may be cranky and fussy throughout the day, and they might keep you up at night. Aside from blocking out every bit of light, blackout curtains in Abu Dhabi can also keep the temperature of your room cool during the day, which is a…

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Gold Leaf Finish for Your Curtain Poles

Why You Should Consider A Gold Leaf Finish for Your Curtain Poles

Poles for curtains in Abu Dhabi and finials are available in every finish you can think of, but the traditional gold leaf satisfies like no other. These gilded poles are a perfect match for both contemporary and traditional interiors. They are the most eclectic mix of smart and uplifting designs and have been a favourite choice by British decorators since the 19th century. After all, who wouldn’t love these opulent…

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curtains abudhabi

Ways to Make Your Curtains Smell Nice

If you have Abu Dhabi curtains for many years, you might have struggled to deal with a lingering smell that overpowers your home. This might have pushed you to get those curtains washed professionally. But it is such a hassle to keep taking curtains down and paying money to have them cleaned. Most people avoid doing cleaning their curtains for a very long time because it is time-consuming. However, here…

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